Code on github

The generated app


The directory demo001 is created, and contains several other subdirectories:

A bunch of file inside the root are created too:


The App

This is the first module that will be instantiated after the main

Further preparation

I choose to use the material library with flex layout

npm i @angular/material @angular/cdk @angular/animations @angular/flex-layout

Now you can run the application typing

ng serve

And now you could see the "fancy" application in your browser going on http://localhost:4200. Ctrl+C to stop the server

To clean up all the mess the content of the app.component.html can be switched to the following. Equivalent to the old ng-view. This will contain all the result of the route choices


Re-running the serve command will lead to an empty page! :D

Last modified on: February 17, 2020