Getting started

The idea is to build a NAS-like device able to replace my current QNAP Server, with disks encrypted on an external device

What is it??

The following functionalities would be implemented

With Luks encrypting the devices and data via a remote key (just in case of robbery) that i store inside a small ESP32 device. But even a Raspberry Zero WH can fit

Connections to the warious software

Supposing that mi server is ""

Docker stuffs

Installed stuff


In general i prefer

Please notice that all the files modification are listed in a "diff-like" way:

** path/filename **

+ added line
- removed line

While new files are listed completely

** path/filename **

this is the 
file content

Running command if the prompt is changed like for fdisk, the new prompt is listed between round parenthesis, followed by the command

fdisk /dev/sdb      #Run fdisk
(fdisk)p            #Inside fdisk run the "p" command

Executing the commands the > sign means the output (or its interesting part). Running lsblk you can retrieve the size of the disk sdb as output

> sdb                         8:16   0 465.8G  0 disk

Last modified on: June 08, 2020