Automatic SandCastle Help

I had the need to build MSDN like help files for my "automagic" framework ( CEFramework) able to build all kind of database driven apps for windows, linux, c#, php, web, client server (all with the same code!!) in minutes BUT missing a standard help file..

Setup instructions

I founded that SandCastle project on CodePlex was fitting my need (having written more than 3 Mb of code with ALL the comments rewriting everything was a pain....). I downloaded the "Sandcastle Help File Builder Installer" run it and.....

OUCH! "Could not find path to sandcastle tool"

What happened?? Well, on the various (?) forums they say something about the path orders, seeking for installation instructions or tips...well nothing that could be possibly used. Step by step guides?? Why??

Well, finally i discovered that

Now everything works well!

Usage Notes

If you don't set the Property "Paths" ->"Output Path", you'll find your help file on the desktop inside the "Help" directory

If you want to setup the classes/namespaces/methods that are to be shown, set them through "Visibility"->"ApiFilter" property and click on the little three nasty point to open the class browser!!

Was it so difficult to say????

Last modified on: October 14, 2015